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Astridge International offers American made stationary reclining phlebotomy chairs. ​In addition, we provide expert cold chain transport packaging solutions for the North American market through our German partner, delta T
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What separates us from the competition?​​

We have been in business since 1996 and our reclining phlebotomy chairs are Made in the USA.


We understand the many variables that phlebotomists face, ranging from in size of a blood donor, to the type of equipment used, and the regulations & procedures followed in different medical facilities.

Astridge International offers two distinctive types of reclining phlebotomy chairs, featuring manual and motor assist operations.

Whatever your requirements, we can supply the optimum stationary reclining phlebotomy chairs to fit your needs.​​


Our reclining phlebotomy chairs are designed and overbuilt to provide many years of reliable trouble-free service, resulting in long-term cost savings. As an example, numerous Phoenix II reclining phlebotomy chairs continue to be used after 30+ years of service. This is an important fact to remember when making your decision to purchase.​


Our service and repair percentage is less than 1% over our years in business. Manufacturing long-lasting trouble-free products does have its downside. As a business, we lose on replacement orders but gain as our clients grow expand and by word of mouth.


​​​Reclining Phlebotomy Chair Warranty
Our reclining phlebotomy chairs are each built to order. Attention to detail allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the frame structure and a 3-year Comprehensive Warranty on all parts and craftsmanship. 



  • Astridge International phlebotomy chair recliners are designed and built for years of trouble-free service

  • A solid warranty

  • Friendly, reliable, and prompt service

  • Made in the USA


Cold Chain Transport Packaging at Specific Temperatures
When it comes to cold chain transport of thermo-sensitive life science concerns, you will find the right solutions with delta T.

​Delta T produces thermal stabilizing elements and insulated containers to maintain life science products at specific temperatures. Utilizing delta T's proprietary fluid technology, specific temperature ranges can be constantly achieved within an insulated container. 

Delta T products are used for transporting blood & plasma components, organs, and pharmaceuticals that require stable temperatures to maintain their life-saving and life-giving properties.


  • Products are simple to use and reliable. 

  • Designed for cold chain transport from 6 to 168 hours. 

  • Free consulting to provide solutions specific to your needs

  • Transport boxes with pre-cooled elements for delivery

  • ​Variety of transport box sizes (hard and soft shells)​​​

The Phoenix II manually operated reclining phlebotomy chair offers many standard features including near zero-gravity rapid & effortless positioning from upright to Trendelenburg & anywhere in between.​

Phoenix II Astridge International

The Techno easily supports up to 450 lbs. The eight-button hand control features Trendelenburg and height adjustability, which aids in reducing shoulder & lower-back issues and concerns. Keeping phlebotomists healthy adds to productivity and a positive environment.

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